EKALI ︎ 2018-19 TOUR

Show Visuals

Artist : Ekali
Art Direction: Quentin Deronzier & Scott McPherson
Design/Animation : Quentin Deronzier & Scott McPherson
Aditional Design/Animation Julien Humbert & Arnaud Laffond
Producer: Molly Willows

Photographers: Julian Cassady - Eric Ananmalay

Fresh off a busy year of touring (including huge festivals such as Coachella, Ultra Music, and ECD) the Ekali team approached us to help elevate their show visuals for his 2018-2019 tours. As Wove co-founder Quentin Deronzier has been creating album art for Ekali over the years, it was a natural fit.

Drawing inspiration from Ekali’s music, the natural environment, overgrown ruins, and the textures/patterns of wildlife, we crafted these visuals to create a sense of adventure and travel.