Show Visuals
Client Asterios / Orelsan
Production Wove
Directors Quentin Deronzier & Scott McPherson
Freelance Producer
Audrey Rouzies
Illustrator Kosal
Additional Animation Arnaud Laffond & Julien Humbert
Film Crew SOS in Bel Air

Working closely together with Asterios and Orelsan, we collaborated in the creation of every aspect of the show’s visual production. From lighting cues to stage direction, everything was determined in unison with the unique visuals. These videos were designed and choreographed across multiple screens--including a massive three-sided, ten meter current--and spanned over an hour of 3D, 2D, and live-action video.
Photos courtnesy of Sophie Brasey.

Winner of Victoire de la Musique 2018 for best show

Festival Recap -2019